About us

Last November after moving to a new state and taking a new job, we decided I (Stephanie) needed to do something to bring in a little extra money. We contacted a friend in Peru, to buy some winter hats at the market and we would sell them here.
Our friend knew a man named Valentino that would make the hats and directly sell them to us! Sweet. Valentino was thrilled with the huge order that would nearly double his yearly sales. Well, Valentino's machine broke, and it would be hundreds to fix it. We didn't have a penny to help him, let alone hundreds. We felt so heartbroken for him!
Our course quickly changed and Incan Accessories was born! We realized that these artists are struggling with their businesses to make them profitable. They were losing out big money by the "middle man". And many techniques were dying out, with no one wanting to continue in the family business.
Incan Accessories works directly with the artists, and fairly trades with them. 10% of ALL SALES go directly back to our artists and their communities for situations just like Valentino's. We're dedicated to giving a helping hand to those that work hard, and need it the most.
So join us! Browse our store, and help us in preserving the ancient arts